A sneakpeak

into the Science Policy Business Forum on the Environment 2019


Yesterday (9th of march) was the start of the United Nations #SciencePolicyBusiness Forum on Environment. The first event of UNEA (United Nations Environment Assembly) where science and business representatives and ministers from all around the world gather to discuss the next steps towards policies that contribute to our environment and health.
As food is, for the very first time at UNEA, a main focus during these days, I am very excited that I as ‘CEO’ 😉 van Smaackmakers and as co-lead of #Transitie coalitie Voedsel have the chance to be there. I will be moderating one of the three sessions on Food: “Sustainable Food Systems for healthy people and a healthy planet . A dietary shift as driver for food system transformation ”
We will bring into the discussion not only #systemsthinking, but also the #proteintransition, a very controversial subject still in these international Conferences.

During the UNEA main event starting this monday, I will also do a pitch during one of the Sustainable Food Sessions, encouriging policy makers to formulate policies on the protein transition and healthy and Sustainable food environments. More about that later!

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